We passed the STC 39dB, 45-min fire rated wooden door test!

As for the way of China’s wooden door, it has a long way to go.

We do not want to do the general mediocrity of the Chinese wooden door processing factory but would like our production of wood doors to be able to convey our company’s spirit: To be a safe, beautiful and practical wooden door’s manufacturer.

It is this belief that motivates us to continue to challenge and move forward.

In China, there are many wooden door suppliers can do the fire test, but rarely suppliers can do fireproof and soundproof dual function wooden doors.

December 12, we came to the Intertek testing department, firstly to do the sound insulation test, and pass the STC 39dB.

This good news encourages us to have more confidence in the following fire test.

Based on the soundproof function, we add the fireproof material for technique improvement. And one month later, we came to Intertek again, to do the 45-min fire test.

Since we are familiar with our door function and confidence about the result, and finally we passed the fire test and successfully passed the water shock test.

There is still a long way to go, we are committed to making safe, beautiful and practical wooden door manufacturers.