White Sliding Mirror Barn Door for Hampton Inn Hotel Bathroom and Closet

• One piece face ensures no stile & rail separation
• single panel door with the mirror on foyer side
• MDF edge banding for a smooth paintable surface
• 3 years warranty
• Heavy duty stainless steel barn door hardware with soft closer
• 8 Weeks from approved shop drawings to finish production


Door Specification

Base Material: HDF face + MDF core + LVL skeleton
Construction: engineered sandwich construction to avoid cracking at stile and rail joints
Design: single panel door with the mirror on foyer side
Height: usually 80” (standard door and ADA door are same)
Width: 38 1/2” for a standard door and 42” for ADA door
Thickness: 1-3/4” or 1-3/8”
Door Edge: LVL edge on top and bottom for strong screw holding
Mirror: 1/4” thick safety-backed mirror with 1⁄2” bevel (foyer side)
Standard Finish: 2 coats water-based primer
Factory Prefinish: Water-based (custom color matched)
Hardware cut-out: Available
Barn door Track: Stainless steel customized top hung barn door hanger with tube track, a soft close option available
Pull&Handle: Stainless steel flush pull or ladder handle
Lead time: 8 weeks from approved shop drawings
Warranty: 3 years