We offer loose packing, pallet packing and crate packing for different situation. Will choose the best way to suite your door type for safety shipping and your budget.

• Loose packing could take fully using the space of a container, but takes more labor and time for loading and unloading.

• Pallet or crate packing is a must when you need a LCL shipping. No worry about goods damaging during shipping.

• Cost differences: Loose < Pallet < Crate

• Differences of protection to goods in container: Loose < Pallet < Crate

Wooden Pallet Packing
Fit for types of doors as below
• Unfinished plain door slab
• White primer plain door slab
• Laminated door slab
• jambs and casings


Wooden Crate Packing
Fit for types of doors as below
• Pre-finished door slab
• Pre-hung door kits
• Door with raised molding
• Items not to be pressed by others