Provides Hotel Closet Louvered Doors for Margaritaville Resort Lake Tahoe – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Project Overview:

As a mountain resort nestled in the beautiful High Sierra, Margaritaville Resort Lake Tahoe embarked on a project to replace all closet doors with louvered doors, with the client’s preference for on-site painting to ensure color consistency. However, louvered doors have uneven surfaces, making on-site painting challenging. After thorough communication with the designers, a less common option of false louvered style was chosen. False louvered doors combine the aesthetics of louvered doors with the durability of stile & rail doors, making on-site painting operationally simpler compared to real louvered doors. While Forest Bright only needed to provide primer doors, we went the extra mile to alleviate the difficulty of on-site construction for the client. After the primer finish, we meticulously hand-sanded each louver to ensure direct painting on-site. In the end, our work earned high praise from the client.

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Guest Rooms: 400 set

Completed in: 2023


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