HPDL Fire Rated Door

HPDL Fire Rated Door

If you are looking for BEAUTY, DURABILITY AND VALUE, High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL) doors are the one.

  • Consistent appearance from opening to opening

  • 5-ply construction

  • PVC or ABS edgebanding matching HPDL door face

  • Particle board core, SCLcore, mineral core and sound core options available

  • HPDL from Wilsonart, Formica etc are available

  • Jambs and casings wrapping with same color HPDL design is available

  • Factory-machined to exact requirements for door hardware

  • Meets positive-pressure fire ratings: 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute

  • Sound core up to STC42


Product Details

High Pressure Laminate Option

Forest Bright has close relationships with major laminate manufacturer in the United States and Canada, and also work closely with China top manufacturer to customized any color as request, is capable of meeting your exact design and specification needs.

Flush Wood Door Core Options

Forest Bright offers a full line of Architectural Series doors to meet the design and budget goals of your project. Various Core options including Hollow Core, Particleboard Core and Mineral Core.

Hollow Core

Honeycomb paper core or wood strips core

Particleboard Core

Particle board core or tubular particle board core

Stave Lumber Core

Kiln-dried wood blocks, edges glued

Mineral Core

Incombustible Mineral Core

Carving & Inlay Option



T model metal strip inlay

flat model metal strip inlay