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Paint Grade Flush Wood Door

for Hotels/Commercial Buildings/Luxury Homes

Forest Bright Paint Grade Flush Wood Door

Paint grade flush doors are upgraded to commercial quality standard with affordability and versatility.
And with different core options and inlay or carving decoration options to choose from, there is a unique flush door that’s perfect for your project.


•  3-ply construction
• Metal strips inlay available for modern stylish appearance
• Customized CNC carving design
• Hollow core, solid core, semi solid core options available
• Catalyzed lacquer or water borne paint finish to meet WDMA OP-2 standard
• Factory-machined hardware prep service
• Meets positive-pressure fire ratings: 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute

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Custom service available


verde canna raL 6013

verde bottiglia raL 6007

rosso segnale raL 3001

rosso pechino

blu colomba raL 5014

blu cobalto raL 5013

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Lever Option1

Lever Option2

Mortise Option1

Mortise Option2

Hidden hinge

Swing hinge

Paint Grade Flush Wood Door Photo Gallery

Paint Grade Flush Wood Door1
Paint Grade Flush Wood Door2
Paint Grade Flush Wood Door3
Paint Grade Flush Wood Door4

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